Add a prompt to print ticket?

Hi everyone!

Hoping this is an easy (wish) one to solve. I have a client using Samba whose ticket closing rules contains two print jobs, namely “Print to Kitchen” and “Print Customer Ticket”.

They would like (I have no idea why) to have a yes/no question asked for “Print Customer Ticket” so that they have the option to NOT print it but the kitchen ticket always prints.

Make sense?

How can I achieve this? I realise there needs to be an Ask Question action in there somewhere but honestly I am drawing a blank.


You will need to create an Ask Question action. Something like this:

Question: Print customer receipt?
Buttons: Yes,No
Automation Command Name: Print Customer Ticket
Execute Command in Background:
Background Color: (Choice)
Transparent Color:
Multi Select: False
(The rest blank)

In the rule that contains the 2 print jobs, you will need to remove the Print Customer Ticket action and add the Ask Question action.

Create a new rule with the Event of “Automation Command Executed”. Execute rule if Matches All and 2 the custom constraint. One being
Automation Command Name equals Print Customer Ticket
Command Value equals Yes.
Then add the “Print Customer Ticket” action into the rule.

The user will then be asked the question of printing the customer receipt. If they select “Yes” the Automation Command will then fire. If the user selects “No” nothing will happen (there is no rule that meets the criteria).

Ahhhhh it was the “command value” I was missing. Thanks!!

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Further quick one - how can I constrain this so the Ask Question action only fires when order status = new orders?

Hoping someone has a clever trick up their sleeve to avoid using a duplicated rule without the question and then a rule to drive the actions etc… make sense?

You’ll want to have a rule that fires before ticket closing. with the following constraint:

'{TICKET STATE:Status}' Equals 'New Orders'


Use this rule to fire the automation command to ask to print customer ticket