Add Action print client receipt , cash on the button

see action print client receipt, cash pressing button

I can add as the action on the bottom cash?

Do you want to add Print button under Cash button?

No it is not possible. You can only add payment buttons on right side.

If you want to trigger automatic print for cash payment execute:

Management > Configuration Tasks > Automatic Print on Payment … and follow steps.

Exact want to trigger automatic print for cash payment execute.
I do not find automatic printing, maybe if you tell me the exact route please

Thank you


He just told you.

Go to settings > configuration tasks and choose automatic print.

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Sorry my friend, would like to learn and please would you help me

I am here and no where to start, if you guide me please some would be grateful.

Atte. Arturo

at top it says configuration tasks…

Your on version 4 but you asked the question in version 5… version 4 does not have configuration tasks… please use the correct category so we do not get confused. Do you have Version 5 or only version 4?

I excuse confusion, I have version 4


you’re a teacher, thank you very much

learning more of sambapos

a wonderful software

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