Add/change customer in a closed ticket?

Can I add/change customer in a closed ticket?

You need to be more specific Sambapos treats tickets in a specific way. A closed ticket means payment is made and ticket is done. What are you meaning by closed ticket? Also please explain your flow you intend we can give better advice.

I think he means when a ticket is already closed, and that ticket had a customer assigned to it, when reopening ticket, can we select a different customer

So I would ask next why he wants to do that so we can understand his desired work flow and give better advice.

I want to track customers. Sometimes we give bill and some one other than the billing customer may have paid. If we settle the bill with current customer we cant change it later?

You would have to reopen ticket set entity and close ticket again.
This would obviously effect past reports so make sure you understand what’s happening and how it effects your reports.

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