Add Delivery Charges But Not Sum Them In Sales

Is it possible that I add delivery charges for delivery orders but not have them show up as part of sales ? Because we need to charge the customer the total amount but we cannot have it as part of sale because we are not bound to pay tax for the delivery charges.

Please help

That makes no sense. Service charges would not be taxed. Maybe explain betterr what and why

The Delivery Charges are paid to a third party delivery service hence they are not part of our sales. If they show up in our sales, we have to pay tax for them and also pay royalty for that. We have to bill them through our receipt so that the customer pays the total amount.

Customer has to pay tax and you has an obligation to collect tax for gov :frowning:

You have to use printer template to print extra lines for that (delivery fee and new total). You can add calculation to ticket.