Add Funds to SambaCard via Product

So, its about time I made a SambaCard like setup. But I feel the system is a little long winded in terms of topping up.

I gave it a bash myself, but it just didn’t work because the setup I did has no idea where to put the top up amount. I didn’t use a product but just a button on the main POS screen called “Top Up”.

Here is what I did, probably whoely innacurate, but I gave it a whirl…

Action: Create Account Transaction

Type: SambaCard Sale Transaction

Amount: [:CardAmount]

Automation Command: Top Up

Rule: Command Executed Matches, Command Executed = Top Up

Action: Above action
Constraint = 0
CardAmount = [?CardAmount]

So it gives what id like but doesn’t go anywhere because its not linked to anything.

Ideally, id like to set up a product that automatically tops up the customer account that’s selected.


I’m wondering if the Gift Certificate tutorial can be edited to work with this… Id give that a shot

You cannot arbitrarily add an Account Transaction. The Transaction must be part of a Document.

The Action you chose was really only designed for Tickets, because the Ticket itself is a Tx Doc.

To do what you want, you need to:

  • set up a Tx Doc
  • place a Tx Type inside it
  • then use the Action for Create Account Transaction Document

You can use something like the Customer Cash Document Type as a starting point / example. This is for making Payment to a Customer Account using Cash …

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Thanks @QMcKay will give that a bash today.


I gave it a bash, and I think there are a couple of bits of information that isn’t right…

I’m not sure on what to put in the Amount and Customer Name:

I changed my Rule from things I saw whilst exploring the forum.,…

I’m guessing something still isn’t right here…

Hi @GreatShakesBar - “you are going great guns” with your work.

I not sure if you followed Q’s post above and the Tutorial on SambaCards but once you create an Account Document and ADD IT to a Customer Account Screen you get these buttons:

So a ADD CASH Tranaction Document and you get the 1 Cash Button shown above. Once you click on that button you get this DEFAULT SCREEN - no work required:

But maybe you know that and you are trying to create you own Custom Entity Screen to accept payments.

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I want staff to be able to top up the cards without entering the accounts screens… I want to be able to swipe the ShakesCard (which at current now automatically selects the customer) hit say “5” then Top Up ShakesCard so in the ticket is shows £5 for a top up.

Complete the transaction and their balance has now increased to £5… a bit like the gift certificate does but without creating a new account but adding to the current one.

I want staff to be able to cash off the top up as apposed to the till not opening and the £5 being left in limbo.


Have a look at this … specifically, the “Add Credit” button …

These Rules handle the Add Credit button…

Ok you will need either a Custom Entity Screen with editor Widgets to do this OR a PROMPT Action requesting predefined amounts to top up like $5, $10, $20 etc.

This is your key:

You can use one of the documents you created as shown by Q or in the Card Tute. Also NOTE the Account Name that’s where the money goes :wink:

You will need Automation to call these Actions and Rules including PRINT and DRAW KICK.
Design your flow from a Automation Button visible from Ticket and then place it somewhere desirable where users can have access.

Oh Yea see what Q’s say above - very nice work.

Still having a hard time doing this.

Can someone give me a bit more indepth help. I have a 3 sheet A4 laminate for staff to follow lol…


Are you sure you want to make a Product for this? That will be reported as a Sale in most cases.

Or you just want to:

  • select Customer
  • click “Topup” button
  • be prompted for an Amount
  • credit fhe Customer Account with the Amount value
  • pop the drawer to put the cash in

I guess this sounds like what I want to do… I was just going by the same principle that the Gift Certificate works?


Well, it’s up to you - it could be done either way. But the Automation is completely different.

The reason the GC is done that way is to create a record of the GC in the form of an Entity, so that it can be verified later as “real”, and it can also be reported on if we want to know how many GCs have be “sold” and for how much. And actually, the GC does not track it as a Sale either, because the Transaction Type is changed for that particular “Product”.

Crediting a Customer Account does not need to be done that way at all, and if you can avoid using a Product and Ticket to perform the transaction, then you should… because no product is being sold in the first place. The Account Statement Tutorial handles it this way, with pure transactions and no products/tickets. It appears to be a little more elaborate than what you’re asking for, but it works great…