Add Line To Text File

i want to add a line to a text file for every order added to a ticket which belongs to a spesific customer. but i can not make it write the order tag to the line. my line at the rule is like: {DATE} - {QUANTITY} - {NAME} - {ORDER TAG:X}. so it writes the date - product name - (this part is blank)
what should i do?

I had this problem too I’ve solved that by storing value "customer"when order tag selected using update program settings And execute {:customer} when order added to ticket.
Maybe there is a better solution but it works fine for me.

Can you please show us a real example? What is your order tag configuration and how did you configured :X part? Did you typed the order tag group name instead of X?

i am serving lunch for a company. they have lunch from us for a month. at the and of the month they make payment. i use customer accounts to manage the payment total. but my customer wants to know which of their workers had lunch for each day and get a report for this. so i created an orger tag named *Personel Listesi

then i listed the workers at the order tag list

then i did this mapping

i created this action

and this rule

and this is the result

by the way this is how i use the order tag


You’re executing text file creation on Order Added to Ticket event so file creates at the moment order added to ticket. I mean it happens before you click order tag buttons. You can try using a different event. For example it can be Order Tagged.

If you own custom reports module I can offer better solution for you.

oh i got it. it was a fine detail :slight_smile: how should i use payment processed event. i think it would be safer. but how can i make sambapos add all the orders? should i use update program setting event?

Custom reports module would allow you to do a more natural system for this since workers are really not part of an order.