Add more column into report

Hello SambaPOS team,

I have a question I need add more column Date into report customer debit balance. please kindly check in picture down below. Please kindly help me thanks.

Check out the Reports section in it will help you understand how to build and edit custom reports.

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Could you help me do this because our customer need this urgent thanks

Please share your report code.

Hello here is a code

[Customer Balances:1,2,3, 1]
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name,EC.Full Name,EC.Address,E.Balance.Sum;0.00;-0.00;0.00:(ET=Customers) && E.AccountId>0:{0}|{1}|{2}|${3}::$4!=0:}
>> TOTAL||| {REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Balance.Sum;0.00;-0.00;0.00:(ET=Customers) && E.AccountId>0:${0}::$1!=0:}

Please understand that this is a community forum where many members of the forum are running their own businesses and restaurants, so your urgency is not theirs. If you have a customer, I assume you are in some way reselling SambaPOS. As a “reseller” you really should have a good grasp of the basics of SambaPOS before you offer your services to a customer.

If you need help urgently, I would suggest you request paid support by posting in the Ads category.

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Your report is designed to show the customer’s total balance so what date you want to see here.