Add multiplier to prefixes for price of order tags

It would be nice if prefixes had a number field that multiplies the price of it’s associated order tag.

Some examples;
In a Pizza menu the prefix “Whole” has a multiplier of 1, while “Left” and “Right” has a multiplier of .5
In a Submarine Sandwich menu the prefix “Lite” has a multiplier of .5, “Extra” is 1.5, and “Double” is 2

I understand this is possible by creating multiple Order Tags at different prices, but it would be slimmer and cleaner since each Order Tag has to have unique names.
“lite.Cheese”, “norm.Cheese”, “xtra.Cheese”, and “dbl.Cheese” vs just “Cheese”

I’ve tried to implement a quick solution but the way preifixes implemented requires the price should be configured on order tags list. I don’t want to take a risk by changing it without thinking other possible uses. As that change does not improve it other than easier configuration I’ve noted it for future updates. While adding new features for order tags we’ll reconsider it.