Add new product on scanned barcode

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if it possible to get the option to add a new product if a barcode is scanned that doesnt belong to a product yet. I have done some thinking but i couldnt figure it out. I was thinking about checking the numberpad value and then check if the value is found in a barcode from all the products. Maybe you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance

Numberpad as I understand checks barcode first, so have you checked to see if numberpad value entered is triggered if there is a matching barcode?
Checking barcode if its always triggered would be easy enough, creating product a bit more interesting but should be posible.

Hey JTRTech, i just found the solution! I check if the numberpad value is greater then a number. When you scan a existing barcode, it automaticly adds the product if the barcode is valid.


Eşit Değil = Not Equal

I guess you want something like this ?

I couldn’t add it all because I didn’t have time. When adding a new product, it is checked according to its name and barcode number.


This is exactly what i want. Can you help me out?