Add one Category like Department in setting under Manage


then V3 is open source why can’t you unable to do so.


How to add new menu in Printer Template?


No, what ever you want to print out on receipt just use printer template.


No,I don’t want to print.
Only I want to add new Menu(Restaurant Details) Under Setting.and It has to work same like (Department,States,Terminals etc) .


What the purpose of this? JUst to show yourself what is the point I’m missing here.


Ok Sir. No Issues.

Then Please let me know the steps how department,printer etc has added in Settings in source code only…


I’m done. It will go no where. This is not V3. @kendash I think should lock it.

BTW, you know how it sound to me,

Please Help me I want to create white label POS software using SambaPOS. Buyer just enter info, logo in Setting and boom they got their own brand POS.

Sorry, if it is not your purpose but you don’t give one so, that what I think.