Add order Action issue

Hi, I use ‘add order’ action.but it has issue. something missing

Before I add this action, the item showed as below.

But after adding this action, the state and course were missing.

And my action and rule show as below

Can someone help me please? thank you

Can you explain what you are trying to do? Why not use the menu button?

Add Order action is a forced behavior if you want to use it then you must add states etc to it as well. The action will NOT trigger other rules.

It helps us to give you better advice if you’d share what you want to do and why. Maybe there is another way to get your end result.

I am a bit confused. Why do you have a menu button to add an item to your ticket and then use the event for that item to add the same item with an action? I don’t understand what your thought process is there. Can you share more?

Thank you for reply.
I want it so that when I click the ‘Veg Set Menu(£68)’ button, the other items(like Bean Curd Soup/Morel Mushroom Spring Rolls) will be added to the order screen at the same time.