Add price to inventory consumption report

I am working on inventory report and all is going well accept that I do not have any Idea how to add price from the menu to my table. The report is here.
[Inventory Consumption:2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1]

{REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:C.Name.asc,C.InStock.Sum,C.Added.Sum,C.Removed.Sum,[$2+$3-$5],C.Inventory.Sum, C.Consumption.Sum,C;0.00;-0.00;0.00:(PCW=VIP_Store) && C.Consumption>0 }
the next column I need to add Item prices from menu. any help?

There probably isn’t a direct link given that inventory is ingredients and products are generally a group on inventory items.
Maybe elaborate on how you intend to relate the two? Are you working only with 1:1 inventory?

If not it will likely get complicated.
Maybe check forum as sure I have seen discussions on report to shop GP which would need sell price.

See here for ideas maybe

Yes I am targeting a 1:1 inventory. Is it also possible to know the tables carrying these data so as to get them from there direct?

See above for similar discussion.

Direct is likely to be quite complex as there is likely to be many many table joins