Add Product Tag column Order Tag Group mappings


Would it be possible to add a Product Tag column to the Order Tag mappings.

The purpose being that I would like to select the relevant Order Tag in the new Product screen.

Then in the Order Tag Mapping have the following

Product Tag(column)

Rather than having to add each product individually to the relevant Order Tag mappings.

thank you

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You could do that. But you are still mapping each individual item with their respective order tags(modifiers).
Especially if you have a group of items with multi order tags, i would think it would far more easier to actually map the “Order Tag Group” to specific product category.

For example you may have all breakfast items under group code called breakfast. Then you make a category button in your menu to show on front screen.

Then you can create order tag group with list od tags you want in each group, the in order tag mapping you can specify it to “product group” breakfast and save.

Now all your breakfast items will have the order tags for breakfast assigned to them.

Or am i missing the point? Hmm


If I follow correctly then I also agree it would be nice to have this. Let’s say you have an order tag for “sauce” but Maple Syrup is only available at breakfast and brown sauce is only available with the lasagne main course. If would be handy to only have one group of order tags for all sauces, but depending on the product there may or may not be some tags available.

This would mean we don’t need multiple order tag groups and means that we we can display these in a cleaner fashion on the ticket screen

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Hi Shivan

I do have order tag groups for Breakfast, Meals, Fish etc.

The problem is that Breakfast contains Cereal, Bacon and Eggs, Toast all have different order tags Cereal does not need BBQ sauce, Tomatoe sauce, extra bacon, Bacon and Eggs do not need extra sugar, brown sugar,

Thank you for your effort