Add Reserved Button *Resolved*

Hi, Please help :smile:

I would like to add a button to allow me to change t status of a ‘Table’ entity to show that it has been reserved. I know this should be simple but I have struggled to get this to work.

Flow to be as follows :-
Select Entity (Table in this case)
Ticket Opens
Click Button on left called ‘Reserved’ this then closes the ticket display and changes the status colour of the entity.

Any Help would be great.

Many Thanks


Check this out: Simple Reservation Example

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Thank you for responding - I have seen this tutorial but this isn’t really what I am looking for.

I just need a quick way to change the colour of a Table to show that the table is in use but no order has yet been placed.

I don’t want to have to create a ticket if this is possible as our customers do not pre-order but they will book a table or they will be seated at a table prior to an order being placed and I wish to flag this on my ‘Table’ Entity screen by changing the status colour.


The Tutorial still gives you the information you need, even though your case is much simpler. It’s about changing the State and Color of an Entity (Table).

Modify the Mapping for the Reserved Automation Command (button) so that it’s Enabled States is New only (or change it to *), instead of New Orders as it is in the Tutorial, and you will be able to reserve the Table without placing an order.


ok thanks QMcKay - I will give it a go :slight_smile:

You’re right. BUt the color of table is still blank. How to color the table?

Follow the Tutorial. The color of the table is dictated by the color defined in the State.

Manage > Settings > States