Add To Costumer Account

Dear all ,

While configuring some parameters i found suddenly that " Add to costumer Account " doesn’t appear in settlement screen ,

i used and early backup and i found it still appear , i’m sure that i missed with something , but cant remember , can some one kindly guide me to any reference showing me how to add " Add to costumer Account " button in the settlement screen

Thanks in advance

The entity obvoiusly needs to be selected for the ticket.
Depending on setup you may need to 'create account’s for that entity within the search/edit for entity as it is not hardcoded that an account is created when entity is made, it’s an option somewhere to create account by default although may be selected.
Is the account button there at all or is it greyed out?
There should be payment type for charging to entity account which needs mapping.
Also transaction misconfiguration can also sometime effect the ability to charge to account.
You need to share more info and ideally screenshots for more definitive answer.

The account button is not there at all it is vanished

I will send screen shots once I reach my workstation

as you can see there is no Costumer account button !!

and if defined an account in the payment types "Costumer Accounts " in the Account filed i chosed " joe " a Costumer account , the Button appears in settlement

Each customer has to have an account created. You can do that by going to customer explorer screen and selecting customer and choosing Create Account. Click on customer choose Edit then press Create Account