Adding 11% local Tax to the sum of the ticket

Dear All,
I’m a newbie in Samba World.
I want to add 11% Local Tax to the sum of the ticket because my price is not tax included. I have followed the instruction of Mulitple Tax configuration tutorial, but the tax still not show up on the POS. I want to send the question with the screen shot of what I have been doing so you can give me advise what I have done wrong, but I don’t know how to do it. I tried to screen shot the platform, then sign out completely from the system, close the samba windows, then open the word and tried to paste it but failed.

Please advise and many thanks for your help

Hi there, Finally I made it to send the screen shot, please advise if I have done wrong. as I said above, I want to add 11% Tax to the total Bill. I don’t include the tax on my price.
So here how it looks.
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/5/2/523db11211bed36dbaba7c717fed00068b41ce51.png" width=“690” he

I have selected “sales Account” as Account Type

Create a new transaction typeof 11% Tax

Create Tax Template

Figuring tax Template

Printer Template

I went to create the ticket and it doesn’t show the tax value

Please let me know what i have done wrong?

Looking forward to anyone who can help me in this.

Cheers and Thank you in advance.


In your tax template have you added mappings to map it to the tickets you want the tax to be applied to?


ooh…Thank RickH. I didn’t do it . Should I just map it to all of the product because I want to apply the same tax value to all product. Let me try it now.

Hi Rickh, thank you a ton. It works Now :slight_smile:
----- HAPPY ------

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