Adding a New Terminal Problem

So I’m trying to add a new terminal to my system. I do a fresh install of SambaPOS on the new computer, login with the PIN “1234”, then edit the data string to connect to the server. Then, when I log back in, it shows the Main Menu screen and just FREEZES. I can’t press anything. Can someone help me? Thank you.

Are you certain its connecting to database? If you exit samba and start again does it connect?

Can you show your connection string?

I connected multiple terminals before and never had this issue

Well, when I log in, I see my different menus on the bottom-left part of the screen. So I’m certain the data string is correct.

Find the log file and paste the contents here in the forum.


There is no log. The program doesn’t crash, it just freezes.

There is always a log.txt even if it is empty.

Adding a new Terminal is not likely to be the root cause of this issue.

One of the only times that I have seen a freeze is when there are missing constraints on a Rule for an Automation Command, like the Automation Command Name Constraint.

Most likely, something is caught in loop which causes the “freeze”. Rules with improper configuration can cause this, such as the AMC that I mentioned above.

Tracking it down without a log file (in fact, the log file would not necessarily report such a thing) can be very difficult and if it is indeed a Rules problem, then direct edit of the DB is one of the only ways to recover from this, unless you have at least one machine that is not freezing where you can review all your settings and configuration.

Is this the right directory?

Can you show me an example of a loop?

Looks like it.

I did the following once by accident, which caused an endless loop because the Rule would fire for any Automation Command, so it would trigger ITSELF perpetually over and over again and caused a freeze … I could not even Login.

This is only an example of something that could be wrong with one of your Rules. You should check any recently added Rules …

Exactly when does it freeze? Startup before Login? Immediately after Login? (check your “User Login” Rules). Is there any particular sequence of events?

It freezes right after login, as the tiles start to fade into color.

Yup, that fixed it. There was a “User Login” Rule from this old Customer Display tutorial that caused the loop.

Thank you for your help.

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I always map any login rules to all user excluding admin to be safe, just encase a config error causes a login crash/issue admin will bypass any custom automation based on login as a ‘backdoor’.

Have changed to question rather than issue since it was a configuration error rather than a bug.

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