Adding an image to the printed bill for every food item

Hi Everyone.

hoping there is an easy solution for this. I hope to have my bills print with a QR code for every food and drink item ordered. it can be a separate ticket from a separate printer if needs be but the idea is the customer will get a list of QR codes with their bill. I have qr codes generated for every item so just want to see if there is a way to call them up in the ticket tags?

any ideas on a simple way to do this as im stumped?

Background: each food item is loaded onto a calorie tracking app (myfitnespro) and the ticket will allow customers to quickly add their meal items to their nutritional tracking by simply scanning the bill. the app is being used as part of a health retreat which hopes to track customers macro consumption. Thanks. werll thats we hope anyway :slight_smile:

Forget image, you can generate barcodes includong QR within template.
What’s in the code?
You would simple use a custom product tag, that give you custom field on the product settings under prices.

##Logo printing, Barcode Printing and Bitmaps

  • <BMP>[FileName] Prints Bitmap file. <BMP>C:\logo.bmp .
  • <BAR> Prints bar code in code 128 format. <BAR>123456789
    • Supports 13,39,08,93,11,25 barcode types. <BAR13> prints Ean13 format.
  • <QR> Prints QR Code. <QR>ABCDEFG
    • x: Bitmap size. [1-9]
    • y: Error Correction. [1-4] <QR23>55aa


finally at the stage where i’m implementing this.

So as i understand the custom product tag would contain the QR code base unique number

which then I can call up in the bill template print?