Adding discount in your group order tag using another group order tag

Hello i created a group order tag and it contains all of my product and i have another group order tag that contains all of my discount…
what im trying to do is put this two together in my menu and here is the outcome

and i put everything in my menu but the problem is my discount is not working

this is what inside my discount order tag group

Not at computer. What are those comlumns? Can you show screenshot with headers?
What are the others in 4th column and that one in 5th?

Looks like there is nothing to discount. Item price is 0

thank you for replying!

i have two different discount one is percentage and the others are just fix discount

hello sir thank you for replying
there is a price there I put it in another order tag

what I’m trying to do here is to discount all the total price of one product in 10%
it look’s like this

but the problem here is they are in the same group…
I want all of my discount to be inputted in one order group only is it possible?

There is no price for item. Just tags. You can’t discount tags. You need to mark it to include tag price in order price then discount it.

Hello sorry I didn’t understand you…
what do you mean I can’t discount tags? the second example I showed you it successfully works
but the only problem is that it’s in the same order tag group…
or am i just not getting something?

I want to do it like this where the total of all order tags will be deduct by a 10% discount.
but the problem is they are in the same group order tag

As kendash said I believe the rate option works using product price.
Your product doesn’t have a price.
You should try setting the tag to be included in product price.

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Hello sir what do you mean with “You should try setting the tag to be included in product price.”…
do you mean it like this?

this one is working even if my actual product doesn’t have a price the pic that i show you earlier is done like this,
and this is the picture that is working

as you can see even if the product doesn’t have a price it still worked… So what you mean is putting it in another order tag group is not possible?

Your Product, which in this case is called “Level 1 premium” has no price (you did not set a price on the product). If you use a Rate on an Order Tag, that Rate is to discount the product price, it will have no effect on other Order Tags.

What @Jesse told you already is you can update the Product price by changing setting on your order tag group “Level 1 Book - premium” Add Tag Price to Order Price. However, I tested this and it does not work also.

The only way you will be able to discount is to add some custom automation to handle it. Or you can do like you showed and have the discount within the same order tag group which appears to work.

However what is probably easier is just don’t use order tags like that. Do you need the product to be called “level 1 premium”? Can you show your menu screen with categories? I would think “level 1 premium” is just a category rather than a product, then you can have products for all those items like “reading out loud 1”, then you can just do a ticket discount of 10%.

Using order tags for discounting works only when you have product with prices. Maybe you have a special case here how you set it up but 99% of people would not be setting up like you have done so.

Actually I have my own item discount setup I created, and it works with your setup, even in the way you had it originally setup. You can see here:

This is because I am calculating the discount and using an action to tag the order, rather than just using an order tag itself.

My setup works similar to these tutorials, you can have a look to get some idea.

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