DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Fixed Percent

This method allows for a Discount Percentage to be applied to Any Item, based on a choice of 5 different fixed percentages. It uses an Ask/Apply approach using the Ask Question Action to let the user choose the percentage, then applies the Discount using a Tag Order Action and a Price Change Action.

Operational Flow:

Order Tags for 5 different fixed Percentages:

Automation Command to Ask for Percentage Amount:

Automation Command to APPLY Percentage Amount:

Action to Ask for Percentage Amount:

Action to Tag Order with Percentage Amount:

Action to UnTag Order (REMOVE Percentage Amount):

Action to perform Price Change (Apply the discount):

Rule to Ask for Percentage amount:

Rule to Tag Order with Percentage:

Rule to UnTag Order (REMOVE Percentage Amount):

Rule to Apply Discount Price Change:


Rule to REMOVE Discount Price Change:



Such tutorials amazes me since I’ll be able to discover different uses of features. Nice idea to extract discount amounts from tags and it inspires me to create an additional free text field for order tag values. We can both use it for such uses and also create a solution for multi language tag requests.


I have captured this exactly as displayed but when I try and discount an Item, nothing happens when I click the button (I do not get the screen to select the discount percentage).

Please could you assist?

SambaPOS 4.1.44 CE
Windows 7

Check make sure your rules all have default mapping. And make 100% sure your button press rule has the Ask Question Action

Thanks kendash! I have deleted all the actions and rules etc. And created them again. This time it does prompt for the selection but does not apply to the order line nor does it calculate the new price.

I am pretty good at following instructions. Is it not possible that there is something missing? Possibly a setting from my side or something? I have upgraded to the latest version now.

I can post screenshots if this would help?

Many Thanks!

Post screenshots of your complete setup (all Actions and Rules) so we may be able to see what is wrong.

I have managed to get the other option working (prompt for percent number) so this is no longer an issue for me. Thanks guys.

i’m having same issue as person above followed instructions twice,i’m very bummed out from topic to topic some tutorials are not too clear person writing them expects us to be on same level as them ad they leave out basic details ,as a newbie this makes it very hard as we have to play connect the dots or find ourselves looking for help ,what i just said applyes to all other topics in general just not above one.i get the concept its great i love it just find tutorial hard to follow or missing basics where i dont know the basics .

when rules asked me do i want to map or leave blank i told it to leave blank ,i did not c anything about mapping .so i’m trying to understand i have to go back to each rule i created and what do i do on mapping side???

All rules must have mapping or they won’t work. Perhaps you should start out smaller with less complex tutorials. This is an advanced tutorial. Use default mapping for rules.

Most tutorials written by me or QMcKay leave out the step for rule mapping if attempting a complex tutorial it is typically understood that rules require mapping. In fact the next version 5 includes default mapping automatically.

If you don’t know the basics maybe start looking for the basics first. Read the welcome thread it is a great place to start. The downloads page has links to some good tutorials as well.

I’ll be honest when I write a tutorial I typically am not writing it for beginners.


btw mapping is here. Keep implementing tutorials. Once you get familiar with screens you’ll see it is easy.


Kendash thx for good work and u efforts here .
i am actualy working on u quick serve pre build datbase ,i like it just need to modify discount button ,

  • a button to remove an entry like a void item
  • remove the question about u want to keep change for tip
    *revert to normal time clock
    and few minor things
    i want to use this in 15 days ,
    i’m sorry i am trying my best reading and letting concept sink in i have been at it again all morning . thx

sorry i am not at the level yet i am reading as much as i can some stick some dont it will eventually ,maybe i should just pay someone to help me with this so i can have this basic setup up and running by august first thx

kendash ru available or interested in helping me modify the pre build database for a fee?

ok i got it working after mapping them all but when i apply the 10% off it does not change the dollar amount of the item ?

i did read the welcome screen i followed all doe steps when i created my own database that i disposed of i even had my full menue items in it . i have also gone through the wiki , last 3 weeks i have been spending alot of time on this what ever i can spare ,i have gotten better but there is alot that i still dont get ,i have to do the tutorials and try to learn and hope it will get clearer as i do them .

i went over mapping and all works good when discount button is engaged it asks 5% off 10 % off etc when u select any of percent off it takes comand .under item on ticket it says 10% off , only problem is the dollar value of item does not change trying to figure that out .thx
if i select item again and click on discount button and select 105 again it goes ahead and removes it .so everything is functioning right other than it not changing the items dollar amount ? i hope someone can help me with this please

Show screenshots of what you have done it’s probably a typo

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Rule to Tag Order with Percentage:
Rule to UnTag Order (REMOVE Percentage Amount):
Rule to Apply Discount Price Change:
Rule to REMOVE Discount Price Change:

on these 5 rules ,the mapping should i just leave mapping **** and save ,if not can someone help me as to what mapping should be .thx