Adding external program to Navigation screen

I know this has been covered elsewhere using Start Process to launch an external program but I couldn’t find any examples of doing so on the Navigation screen.

I have a small task where I am trying to add an application as an option on the Navigation screen. The customer has a proprietary application we created for clocking in and out that run on windows tablets, but they want to expand it to allow clocking in and out on the POS screens.

I have an action:

A rule:

An automation command:

I can launch and run the application manually, but when I try to use the button in SambaPOS, nothing happens. I feel like I am missing something trivial to make this work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Its very rare I use this action but from your screenshots, it looks like you are trying to run a process via app thats stored remotely somewhere on a network.

I am not entirely sure whether thats something you can do via SambaPOS, or whether its SambaPOS’s security access that prevents you from doing so.

Clear the “Navigation Module” in navigation settings. You should need only an automation command mapped to display on navigation (like you have) and the corresponding rule(s)/action(s).

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Thank you! So simple of a change and it works!


In this case the server path is configured as a safe zone already so I didn’t have this problem, but I’ve ran into that before.

Thank you!

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