Adding Numpad to my Ticket Tag

Dear how I can add I Numpad to my ticket Tag ( not the keyboard).
this work to add the number of Guests upon clicking on a table number.

5.1.9.a. How to Add Person Count to Ticket? – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

Hello Jesse

But i need it as free text , with number pad showing only

Create an automation with Ticket Tag on New Ticket Rule. In the Automation command you have checkbox to allow you only numeric input.

Can you show me in detail how to do so …PLZ

Any Help Guys? please

This will automate adding the number of guests once a ticket is created. Create the below “Ticket Created” Rule

The Ticket Tag Action is as below

Tag Name: Number of Guests
Tag Value: [?Number of Guests;;;OCN;49,50,51|52,53,54|55,56,57|8,48,13]

Now once you select your frist item which creates a new ticket you will get a keypad popup to enter the number of guests which will save as a ticket tag at the bottom of the on screen ticket

Select first item to add to ticket and this fires the number of guests rule:

Enter the number of guests and press Enter or use the Return button on the keypad (highlighted in blue)

See the ticket tag at the bottom of the ticket on screen

If you want to remove the OK and Cancel buttons from the keypad then use this keycode in the Ticket Tag Value in the Action

[?Number of Guests;;;N;49,50,51|52,53,54|55,56,57|8,48,13]

Or use this key code to restrict the number input to 1 or 2 digits and no zero, this will force a number to entered and the keypad cant be closed without entering a number, so it will allow you to enter numbers from 1-99

[?Number of Guests;\d{1}\d{1}?;;N;49,50,51|52,53,54|55,56,57|8,127,13]


Then you may want to make an update Number of Guests button, so if the original number is entered in correctly or is someone leaves and an extra person/people join you can update the number of guests.

Create the rule as below, add the same action from the previous rule with all the same information.

Create an automation command if you want to add the button to Ticket, under ticket etc etc, or if you have a separate manager menu as I do you can create the button as a custom button on a “manager menu” as you can see in my image

Original number of guests incorrectly entered as 22

Press you button to update the number

Re enter the correct or updated number, in this case ill change to 2

Ticket Tag has updated and changed from 22 to 2

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Thank you so much, RickH for your reply.
Can I apply these to be worked on tablets ( Samba POS MC3 ) ?

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This will not work on mc3 it does not support these feature yet. It does support automation command values though.

You could use those for predefined number of guest to select but it does not support the pop up.

OK thank you, Jesse for all the time support