Adding portion to order tag

Hello ,
I have combo set offer in my restaurant , so there is couple group and family set in each one of them there is numbers of pizza in order to make it work i used order tag to make the waiter to determine which pizza will order with in the order , but i faced problem that the each one of those order should have one large and medium pizza for example so i wanna know how to add portion to order tag to help me in this ??


You cant add portion to an order tag like that, portion is a product/order level definement.
How about changing your Order Tag Prefix from just Pizza to;
Large Pizza
Medium Pizza

So you select the size as a prefix to the type of pizza?

@JTRTech i have like mainly 22 type’s of pizza i guess so it will be like 44 in the screen it will be lil bit difficult to the waiter and can make mistake

You have a Pizza Order Tag right,
The wide Pizza button above the types of pizza is a tag prefix.
Add a second Order Tag Prefix in the Prefix list of the Pizza Order Tag and set the two sizes.

@JTRTech oooh man you mean make two order Tag Prefix one for large and one for medium yah i get it ,
Thanks for you help man , :smiley:

I have a similar situation. The problem is I have set recipes for those portions and I want the system to auto subtract items according to the chosen order tag. The above mentioned solution won’t solve my problem. Is there a way I can link the tag to my recipe? If I choose a product on the order tag list it’s not giving me an option to choose the portion associated with that order tag.

If inventory item unit name matches the portion name it will decrease from that inventory. For example if Hawaaian recipe contains an inventory item that’s unit name is “Big Portion”, that inventory item will decrease when “Big Portion” selected for main product.

V5 have even more options for mapping order tags to recipes.