Adding Quantities in order tags

HI I have a client that needs to add quantity in his order tags whats the best way to implement this. For eg the client orders 2 cheese burgers one with cheese and one std. he wants to punch it in as 2 x cheese burgers 1 x cheese.

thanks heaps in advance.

I dont thing thats posible, by definition tags would apply to all orders on that line.
This might sounds ok in your example there (although would that mean double cheese or one plain and one with cheese?) but what if it is;

2 Cheese Burgers
-1 No Cheese
-1 No Relish
-1 Extra Bacon

How do you know what the combination is?

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@JTRTech I was using burgers as an eg. this restaurant sells curries and was using it mention certain spice levels to speed up the process of order taking.

Fair enough but still pretty sure it wouldnt be doable like that for the reasons commented above.
You can have tag quantities useing max/min values but they will be applied as a multiple of the order quantity.
It’s similar to order grouping option, it will only group matching orders with same price, tags etc

Order tag quantity is the quantity of the order tag itself.

For example this order means 2 Sandwich with 3 Meatballs each.

2 Sandwich
   - 3 x Meatballs

Unfortunately we don’t support a case like this on a single order line.

3 Sandwich 
   - 2 of them > 3 x Meatballs 
   - 1 of them > 4 x Meatballs

Similarly this means 2 Pizza and Add Cheese, Ketchup and Mayo to both.

2 Pizza
   - 1 x Cheese
   - 1 x Ketchup
   - 1 x Mayo