Adding the number of orders on a ticket

hi I want to add a field on a ticket such that every ticket prints a new Order number that increases by 1 for every printout.
For Example: When i open ticket number 46 the first printout to indicate:
Ticket: 46 Round: 1
the second addition to the same ticket to read:
Ticket 46 Round: 2
When i open a new ticket the Round Number to Reset to 1 that is:
Ticket: 47 Round: 1

I would think the best hook to use would be ticket state changed to new orders.
Tickets change to unpaid on close/submit so this will change to new orders each time a ‘round’ is rung in.
Doing it this way will prevent increases by just opening the ticket.
Store it as a ticket tag and you wont need to reset, it will just be a per ticket value.

I created a tutorial for this setup.


Hi this worked perfectly. Thanks for the assistance.
I have a new challenge where i would like to have a custom report that i can view the purchases by Supplier. The report should categorize by item , cost and total value of the purchase. At default we have the total purchases and supplier should be a filter. Thanks