Adding TO GO prices

I need to add new price to my products for TO GO.

I posted a question before and QMcKay and JTRTech gave me some great pointers, but I am unable to add TO GO prices to my products.

What is needed is the following:

Lunch price–>8AM-3PM
Dinner price–>3PM-11PM
TO GO price–All day

Ideally TO GO prices will be set when I pick a customer or when I add TO GO ticket tag. I am able to change the price when I add TO GO tag, but I am not sure how to switch this tag back to Lunch or Dinner prices based on the time of the day.

I am able to pay using Paypal. Let me know your price.

Thank you.

Original posting:

How urgently you looking to sort this?
Can discus a price to do for you but am flat out for first part of the week and would be 4-5 days till I can do anything.