Adjust Order Price and Prints not matching screen

Am I missing something…

Onscreen is fine;

Print however…
If lines are merged the print doesnt reflect whats on screen and correct.

When not merged for whatever reason like another order tag, print is fine

You may want to try using {VISIBLE PRICE} or {VISIBLE TOTAL} for displaying the price, I believe it was added to help situations like this around the same time the promo rules were added.

Also just a side note, you have the * to left of price but not in line. If you use <W00> tag instead of <J00> you can better format those, for example: <W00:4,* ,2, 7>

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Great, thanks mark.
However this still leaves my food/drink split figures incorrect…


This is using;
Drinks:|£[=FF(’{TICKET ORDER TOTAL EXP:(ODI=True) AND (OS.Stock Type=Wet)}’,‘0.00’)]
Food:|£[=FF(’{TICKET ORDER TOTAL EXP:(ODI=True) AND (OS.Stock Type=Dry)}’,‘0.00’)]

Any sugestions?

Is it just me or is there no actual wet products on there?

I’m not looking at wet :wink:

The ticket order total is being effected by the issue with the multiple qty adjust order tags. See remaining total and total, there shouldn’t be 5.95 on kids as both should be free.
Balance is correct.

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In your Order Tag, do you have Add Tag Price To Order Price enabled?

Its not a normal order tag, its from the adjust order price action, it isn’t showing because that action doesn’t use tag price its tag amount and havnt tweeted template yet for that.
And onscreen you will see its not add to order price.
The expression for order total should include the tag value anyway whether its included or not. Plus as with template its only seeing one of the tags discounts. Onscreen is fine its just in print.
I guess the print processing missed the x qty for tag amount like it does for price.

I am guessing you use Kids eat for free order tags only on Saturdays? Can you deduct order tag discounts of that group from the ticket total?

I set all adjust order price actions to use a single order tag group called promotion.
Not sure if I need to define corresponding tags, couldnt see any mention of that part. Prefumed it used some form of free tag.
I think marks visable total will likely solve the ticket total issue but that won’t help the wet dry split.
So @Posflow I wouldnt be able to deduct the total of that tag group as in theory the total would be more than -5.95 as if you see onscreen, the print is only taking one tag into account, its clearly an issue with qty on these automatic discount tags when printing.

Was kind of skimming through it on my phone but now I see what you mean…

First thing that came to my mind is, do you use Merge or Merge Order Tags in the ticket template?

Yes, but isnt just print merge, 2x order does same.

Anyone know what price selector is and how its used?

In your Order Tag, do you have Add Tag Price To Order Price enabled?

I thought about this and setting this on the dummy order tag does make the adjust price tag add to order price however it still shows the same issue that the adjust order price auto tag isnt corectly reflected on print both on order lines and normal ticket total/ticket order total exp expression;

try using {VISIBLE PRICE} or {VISIBLE TOTAL} for displaying the price

No luck :frowning:

{VISIBLE TOTAL} seems to be the same.

{VISIBLE PRICE} raises more questions than answers;

This in my opinion makes this feature unuseable.
Basically only option is to disable merge…

So final test reveals that it doesnt happen if the actual order is 2x, only where orders are merged in printing.

Personally I am guessing this issue relates to the adjust price tag using TA rather than normal TP in database (amount rather than price), It is specific to print merge process so would hazzard a guess as hinted at before that the print merge process is not multiplying the TA amount value by order quantity of the virtual/print merge. May be way off but thats my guess.

Dont know about others but this ruins what should be a very powerfull and usefull option.

My only thought now is that I am going to have to work out some form of hack to bypass the print merging part as DO NOT want to blanket disable print merging and having receipts that get to be a foot long on a big table with many rounds of ordering.

Am thinking …

So was thinking a hidden freetag of its own kind that han be ignored in prints that set a random tag to prevent merge triggered on the promotions adjust order price tag being set, however it looks like the adjust order price action doesnt trigger the order tagged event :frowning:

@Jesse you have allot of experiance with this action, any thoughts?
Guess you combo setup wouldnt merge so not effected.

Yes but I am really busy right now. I’ll try and respond today if I get time to look at it.

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To be honest I never really used the action. I create my own flows. I could share a happy hour 2+1 Ive made. Maybe you can copy paste some of it or do something similar.