Adjusting modifier price with prefixes


Is there a way to change the price of a modifier based on the prefix? I saw a feature request about this whileback, so wasn’t sure if this was implemented or if there was any other ways implementing this since. The use case for this is, some modifiers/options can also have modifiers. These are commonlu asked options for meals and modifers. For example, cheese is common item that gets asked to be added to many meal options/modifiers. Ie: Eggs, fries, veggies and other side orders/options. I was looking into using prefixes as a way to make these kinds of priced “modifiers of modifiers” an option, but couldn’t figure it out. Any ideas/thoughts on how this can be implemented?

Not done myself but have a feeling (dont quote me on it) it was along the lines of duplicating the order tag and prefixing it like prefix1.ordertag, prefix2.ordertag. and the available order tags were filtered based on the prefix. in the tag.