Advanced Delivery Features - Settled Orders


Has anyone implemented the advanced delivery solution whereby the order is settled but still flows through the “Waiting Orders” and “Delivered Orders” screens before being bumped off the system??
In my experience, any busy delivery outlet establishes how the customer will pay when they order. If it is cash then they hit cash.
Generally speaking they don’t have time to remember how each customer is paying and they need to prep and bump the orders as they are working in the kitchen. Otherwise the screen gets cluttered with orders and they don’t know where to look while they are doing many other tasks at the same time.
I read about one option where you tag the orders and it pops up and asks how the customer will be paying. Is that what people generally use? Just wondering whether to spend much more time on it or is it a dead end…?
Also, presumably with Gloria Food etc, the orders that are paid are going to be closed so they wont be able to make use of the ‘advanced’ delivery features? Do they just then print through the POS printer channels and then that is the end of it?

This screen is not a kitchen screen. And paid Gloriafood orders are still there until you assign a driver. And that driver marks it as complete.

Thanks. That is good to know about the Gloriafood orders. It’s just I don’t see the point of the Gloriafood orders appearing there unless other orders (e.g. phone) are also there.
Is it not a ‘driver management’ screen or dispatch screen?

If it’s for driver management then the drivers will need to take all kinds of orders (online/phone) in one go and the dispatcher needs to see all the orders in one place. If this screen is not doing that when orders are paid then I’ll look at the other solution that was suggested:

I did try the below but it only seems to show the order after you look up the customer again:

You need to modify it for paid orders.

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That’s great I’ll keep working away at it.
One thing I am wondering about is the concept of departments.
On another system I use, the till is in ‘takeaway’ mode by default. If I open a table then the sale type is automatically changed to ‘dine-in’.
If I want to do a delivery transaction then I press ‘delivery’ and it prompts me to enter the customer phone number (or takes it through caller ID).
This means you can easily do all three of these main transaction types with just one till.

In SambaPOS it seems to be that departments are like sales types or transaction types. The issue I foresee is that the users are fixed to a department unless they are admin. And I’m not sure I’d want all my users to be admin.

How do you normally deal with the situation where the business has dine in, takeaway and delivery? Do you need to have a separate till for delivery or just use set users for delivery?