Advice needed for new install with multiple printers

Hi all,

I’ve been using sambapos for a while now and am planning a new setup.

Currently, I have one server PC and another PC connecting to the same server. Both are used to take payments and input new orders. I needed a printer for each terminal to print out bills for customers. Additionally, I wanted to put printers in the kitchen and the bar (so 2 additional) but they should print all orders from either pc terminal. Planning to use Epson TM-T88V printers all over.

Thanks in advance guys.

What advice are you asking for?

The setup you describe is definitely possible and will work great.

The TM-T88V is a fantastic reliable printer (I have one), albeit somewhat expensive compared to other brands.

If you have Printers in remote location such as Kitchen, with no computer to attach them to (ie. USB), then you definitely need to get Printers that support Ethernet/Network and wire them to your Router/Switch.

So am I right in assuming that I would simply install multiple printers onto the main PC and set different functions for them? That way, it will print to all printers?


Yes,you can print to multiple printers from multiple PCs at the same time. The computers will just need to have the Printer Driver installed. Then you configure each Printer in SambaPOS to use the Printer IP, and create Print Jobs mapped to the applicable Terminals.

Perfect. You’re a star. Many thanks.

For remote locations, ie kitchens and bars, I would always recommend buying an Ethernet IP Printer. Setup each computer to print directly to IP Printer.

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