Advice on how to record Hotel Food Rates

Hi All,
looking for some/ideas suggestions on the best way to record sales of Breakfast items in a restaurant within a hotel that offers B+B?

The hotel charges the guest separately for the room rate including breakfast. however, the plan is to use the POS much as outside guests do with ordering off the menu and the like. The room sales are collected on a totally different system where a portion of the cost is attributed to F&B.

I’m wondering if it’s best to create a ‘gift’ category such as B+B where the items can be added to that or whether to add a new sales account where the items are ‘settled’ to a separate account from cash and credit. I’m interested in what people do currently and the implications around sales monitoring and management. There is also a third party paid based on restaurant turnover and it seems fair to include their commission into the breakfast cost as it would have been if ordered separately from rooms.

I also see how this would affect Full board and half board restaurants as well as say staff with food from the menu included in their benefits package.

Interested to see what others do here?

many thanks

I have thise setup, although I push all pos sales to booking system so that system has full complete total sales for both.
Out breakfast is 0 priced as all rooms are b&b
I then have samba know if room is dinner Inc and if so use a dbb price list where most is 0 and supplement items like steak have supplement price.
This then gets charged to guest bill in PMS as 1x item [Package] £0 or supplement price.

This topic covers most of my setup