After 4 years leaving Sambapos

Hi! Is not an issue, it is a rule!
I love this software, I am using for more than 4 years, but now Norway changed the rules, we need to have the saft-t and from here was impossible.
Anyway, I think I will check the amazing changes. One day if a new version can fix my problem, please just let me know.
Best regards
Tiago Parcerias

Whats your problem? I don’t know what saft-t is.

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Google sounds like another tax API type senario.
Although @restaurant34 first page of results all go on about it’s inplimentation being delayed to 2020…
There are others working with other similar type tax systems. With v5 it’s pretty likely with some more info we can give you an idea of how to work with it.

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So I heard it previously probably from your request but I also found it postponed. Didn’t?

It looks like it just needs the data in XML which we can do now easily with data export. I’m sure I missed something and there’s more to it.


Yes it is basically an XML formatted report but I don’t know how we’ll be able to submit that. We’ll probably need to have a partner there to solve the legal issues.

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Yes, this is the problem. Anyway the Saft-t will be later but many new rules norwegian start already in 2019 and if we cant export in the moment to the inspectors we pat a fee of 13,500kr, more or less 1200€.
I will continue checking your software, and I am sure as soon it is possible I will come back to samba. For me the best software ever, and the community amazing!!
Thank you so much!

This is already in use in Portugal for a few years. It will end up in every EU country. The longer SambaPOS looks at it, the mor away it will be from this markets.

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Once we see a standard and we see a big need for it we can implement it. Right now it is still being debated and its unclear what the future for it is.

We are watching it closely we certainly are not ignoring it.

Also while different countries approach with different systems and formats a blanket solution is not suitable.
A lack of active resellers in your country may be an issue in your setup not receiving representation.
Additionally a proactive reseller with a demand from their customers could likely create a solution using scripts.
These types of tax api systems are comparable to my PMS setup, we dont use samba at all for financial reporting. We use the PMS which to me shows that it is resolveable, just people in relevant countries either aren’t sharing their solution openly on forum for you to see or as said resellers aren’t as active here at least.