After settling a ticket, user sees all entity screens

I am using custom navigation and I have setup buttons to take the user to two particular entity selection screens, from where they can then create POS tickets. When they click these buttons they are taken straight to the particular entity screen without any headers (This is what I want).

The problem is that after settling a ticket the user is taken back to the default POS screen where the user name has access to all entity screens using the headers which for some reason are no longer hidden.

This is not a problem in itself as the user will have buttons to access each of the screens anyway, but I would prefer they use the main navigation screen instead of switching between entities on the POS screen.

I can confirm this is an issue for setups implementing advanced custom navigation schemes.

In my case i implemented a navigation stack which keeps track of navigation pathways so that a “Close” button takes the user back to the previous screen. Such a scheme is needed in a design which allows for screens to be opened via various navigation pathways and was intended to make the navigation logic simple at the top level.

The idea was to wrap the navigation complexity into some generic logic to make it super easy to handle changes, additions, and be able to optionally switch in/out functions via option settings and have the navigation automatically “just work” in all cases.

I called it an “idea” because in reality I discovered it is very difficult to implement such custom navigation logic the way i intended because it turns into a fight with a few native implicit navigation “features” built into SambaPOS.

The OP is referring to the same problem I encounted implementing the navigation stack.

In a raw system it “makes sense” to return the user to the the tabbed Entity Screens after closing a ticket, a payment screen or account screen. That display mode was regarded as the “POS” in the original design, behaving as the “master control center” and so it made sense back then.

But in more elaborate customizations these implicit assumptions about what should happen after closing a Ticket, Account screen, or Payment screen can become very problematic. The reason for this is that the event data coming in from Application Screen Changed, and Entity Screen Changed is NOT enough to handle all situations.

Up to V5.2.23 it is extremely difficult (perhaps impossible?) to intercept the native navigation for all cases.

Now that we can unmap all Entity Screens without causing a crash, it’s much better.
BUT there are still various remaining issues regarding implicit assumptions in native SP logic. Example: Navigating to Department is so problematic that i had to redesign a large part of my system to workaround the issues. (btw when i attempted to report those issues 2 years ago I was told “it must be something wrong with your setup” and gave up reporting my problems and paused all SP development hoping that time might provide some cures)

It’s a complex issue needing more in depth explanation and suggestions on how to best to handle it than what i have time for right now… but when the appropiate time arises i can probably help with solutions.