After Update problems!

After the update, we have sometimes errors like the photo! Also, there was a problem with the substitution of the product when sending to print the order (for this task, see the link: The problem with typing extra items in the check\Проблема с печатанием лишних позиций в чеке) what are The problems this time? The database on MS SQL Express 2017 is used.

We are waiting your email with a DB backup

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Do you check my db? I was send it 28.05
And see it:

It’s the same tickets. In one ticket after closing there was a product that the waiter did NOT CHOOSE, that is, it was added automatically when closing.

That are these bits?

Guessing the two middle ones are tax and rounding but whats the hanmyhbie (sorry dont have those letters on my keyboard :wink: )

  1. Cash
  2. Service
  3. Rounding
  4. Total
    But it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that in one ticket without the knowledge of the waiter, there was an extra product that was not ordered.

Please help as soon as possible. Because of this problem, our waiters pay for extra products that are sent to the kitchen without their participation.

So when is it added, on close or on payment, you say 23 was paid cash?
Can you show this ticket open onscreen?

I think you don’t quite understand the problem I’m trying to explain to you. When the waiter on the terminal screen dials an order, for example, 1. Cola 2. Sandwich 3.Sauce and press the “Close” button, in this ticket, is automatically added to a random product, for example, 1. Cola 2. Sandwich 3.Sauce 4. [random product]. After the ticket is closed, the wrong order with the excess product is sent to the kitchen. An example of this can be seen in the photos that I uploaded.

You have configured something wrong. It won’t just add an order. Maybe they will get back to you soon.

Our config works last 3 years. But only after the last update we have mistakes.

There is nothing in it that would just add a random product. It must be some kind of automation that is not working correctly.

I asked about seeing the ticket on screen as a simple way to see if the extra order is showing as same session as other orders or not.
The extra product also doesn’t look like order 4 unless your print has sorting or something setup.

There is no automation and there has never been. It uses very simple system settings. The problem appeared after the update.

I can’t do it yet, since this ticket has been changed. But I assure you that this is the same ticket. A new product was added to it after closing.

Why is it not happening on other systems? It’s specific to yours. We need to figure out why.

It won’t be after closing as there is no event/action for this. closed will be end of ticket interaction.
Working out the exact time it happens ie on an automation command, before ticket closing, ticket closing etc may help identify the cause.
The ticket will still help as even if that order was voided it will still be on the ticket with it’s adding time etc

@pipneogen have you had any response yet from support? If not you can send me a copy of your database via private message and I can look at it for you.

While there was no answer. But the problem is that the first version of the database was created in Russian 3 years ago and variables in Russian + Georgian were also generated there.

I know! I worked with SambaPOS last 3 years! But it real, sometimes a random product adds in ticket! I try to show you ticket on screen later.