After Void disable printing bill?

I want to disable printing bill when i click on void button

Default setup would not print receipt for void, kitchen print shows void.

Show your void rule and actions expanded

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u can check my database .


I have checked your database and your not getting a printout because you have voided an item, you are getting one because you have the print bill action in your ticket closing rule

You need that action there so that when you close a ticket it prints the bill for the customer, you then reopen the ticket, settle it and the final bill prints on ticket closing

If you enter one item, close the ticket and then reopen and void it, you will always get a print out as you still have to close the “open” ticket with the voided item, thus triggering the print bill action, on ticket closed

I’m assuming the issue you are having is due to having 1 item on the ticket that you then void after it has been submitted?

If so you would need to constrain the rule or action so it only fires in a certain situation. Possible adding an order count greater than zero to the rule. I’d need to test that a voided item doesn’t still count as 1 order on the ticket, I think it shows as quantity zero so a constraint like this could work

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I think this will solve your issue, if it is as above

  1. Update Ticket Payment Check Rule
  • Add Action constraint [=TN('{TICKET QUANTITY SUM:(ODI=False)}')] > 0 to the bill print job action
  1. Do the same to your Ticket Closing Rule to the Execute Kitchen Orders Print Job if you dont want the void to print there

  2. Update your Show Message Change Rule

  • Change the custom constraint from Change amount greater than zero, to Remaining Amount equals zero
  • add the execute print bill job

You now will not get a receipt print out if there is only 1 item on the ticket and you void it and then close the ticket

Your receipt will now print on payment processed whilst displaying your change message

One extra thing to change, on your receipt template you have spelt Received incorrectly you have it spelt as RECIE and it should be RECEI

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