Age Verification or 18+ reminder with calendar

Hi All,
Is there any way we can add an age verification calendar (18+ checking ) when serving liquor,
or 18+ colander display when an automation command executed. or an 18 + calculator with current date and year .
any solution for this?
Many Thanks

Sure. Use this formula:

[=FD(ADM('{TICKET DATE}',-216),'dd/MM/yyyy')]

ADM function adds Months, so 18 years x 12 months = 216 months. In this case I used -216 (negative) to subtract months from current ticket date.

This is 1 solution that could be modified to suit your needs.

Ensure you add a Default mapping to the following Rule:

MessageToDisplay: Customer must be Born on or before this date: [=FD(ADM('{TICKET DATE}',-216),'yyyy-MMM-dd')]

wow!! so fast Thanks a lot @QMcKay!!!

You’re welcome!

FYI, this information came from the following post, near the end of the first post where it describes Expressions:

ive added a little extra as well if you have a separate bar department, so as soon as you enter your first item a message will automatically appear reminding you to check age. This only appears after selecting the first product in your “bar” department. After this you can use the above for your age check button to check calendar date at any point in your transaction.

Heres what i did for the start transaction message banner

1. Add Action

2. Add Rule

in the message box copy the following text (ive added spaces so that when the pop up appears different sentences are on different lines as opposed to one long sentence, i have worked out how to add coding to put text on different lines, youll see this in final image)

THINK 21! Does your customer look 21? If not verify ID for proof of age. Customer must be Born on or before this date: [=FD(ADM(’{TICKET DATE}’,-216),‘dd-MMM-yyyy’)]

in UK there is a Think21 rule but you can custome yout text to be anything

3. Mapping
As I have a bar department i only want the pop up to appear on this department, CLICK save

4. Test
Open bar department and add the first item and you should get the following

Click OK and the message disappear and the product you selected appears on your ticket. This message box wont display again until this ticket is settled and closed and a new ticket it created and the first product added After this if you want to check the age again you can use the button you have previously created, ive called my button “Think 21” using QMcKay setup your will say “check age”

I know trading standards like companies to have robust checks in place so this automatic rule helps as it forces staff to read and click OK, confirming they have checked customers age, so if the chose not to check it they cant say they werent reminded to do so!!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Also if anyone can help what id like to do is when i press OK on my red message box (see above screenshot) and the product is added to the the receipt i want this first product (whatever it may be) to be tagged with Think 21 Verified, so not only does the cashier have to read and click ok but this confirmation tag Think 21 Verified is added under this first product so it prints on receipts and is stored on the ticket should i need to go back to a ticket to view it.

ive tried adding a tag in a similar way to the discounts tag but i cant get it to show on the receipt, any ideas?


You have to tell it to print the tags from the template. Edit your ticket template and tell it to print the tag

Ive now added ticket tag so that when you click the red message banner reminding the cashier to confirm the customers age it adds Age Verification Confirmed

  1. Create Ticket Tag

Create an action “Age Confirmation Tag” (i used Think21! as thats the government initiative in UK)
Tag Name = [:TagName]
Tag Value = [:TagValue]

  1. Add this ticket tag to the pop up message rule
    TagValue = Age Verification Confirmed (or whatever you want it to show)

  2. Test Sale

Click the first Bar item to add to the sale and the message box will appear

Ticket tag added to bottom of on screen receipt

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@RickH, I noticed you didn’t supply a Name for the Ticket Tag… was that intentional? This would mean at the very least that you cannot reference it on a Printer Template using {TICKET TAG:X}. Perhaps it would be better to name it Think21, so you can print it with {TICKET TAG:Think21}.

@emre, whether or not this is good practice, is this an o.k. thing to do - having no Tag Name?

Thanks for spotting that ill update it to Think21

Cheers :slight_smile: