Alert on new sale


I am curious if there is a way to send an alert when a sale is made aka when a ticket is closed. Is it possible to have sambapos launch an external program and pass the sale value? Or is it possible to send an email with the ticket amount directly from sambapos? I am using v4. I want this to happen when a ticket is closed.


Both possible but at first you need to understand how SambaPOS automation works. Basically you’ll create a Rule for Ticket Closing event and execute Send Email action or Start Process action to execute external programs.

@emre I understand, great to hear. I am curious if there is some variable expression for price. I would want to pass the ticket cost to the email or process, is there a way to do this?

You can use all Printing Tags in rules to read ticket values. Take a look at Tracking Promotions by Points tutorial to get an idea about how rules works and how we’re using Printing Tags to read values. You can find a list of all available printing tags on Printer Template Editor screen.

Thanks again this works but I am having an issue. I added the rule to ticket close and it emails me the price no problem, I was going to do a tutorial on it by a found an issue, we often close tickets via the close button but they are not closed just in holding and we go back to them to accept payment later.

With my method everytime we exit out of a ticket even if it’s unpaid via the close button it sends an email so we end up with repeat emails. Is there any way to set it to do this only once the ticket has been paid and not everytime it is closed as this causes issues.


Set a “Payment Processed” rule to send Email