All void items print in the kitchen even if not in print job

As I can make any item is void print in the kitchen although this is not in print job?
For example:
In my case when products like water or beer are not sent to the kitchen as Void Item. But if food if prints.

I dont know the explanation is right.:sweat_smile:

Sorry, that’s is hard to understand, try to give more detail so we can understand your question?

Okay. what I want is that every void is made in the system. Leave a receipt in the kitchen as ‘’ VOID ITEMS ‘’. But looking at the system every time I make a void print me only products I have in print jobs to print marked in the kitchen. I can do with products that are not marked for printing in the kitchen so that when a void of a coffee or a beer in the kitchen include them as part of the void receipt?

Hmmm, products are mapped in print jobs so only way I can imagine only sending new orders for kitchen items and all items for void is to have seperate print jobs for new and for void, by

Removing void section from default kitchen template and have second print job mapped to all products and only printing void orders.