All you can eat for $$$

Deal where you pay a certain amount and you can have all you can eat from a
limited menu. How can we set that up using SambaPos v5. Also note the
items on the all you can eat menu are also part of the ala carte menu.

The customer sits and order the deal
Ticket is created ($$$) and first order is sent.
15 min. later he orders a new item (included, so zero-priced)

So I was thinking of adding a second portion with zero-price value for each item including in the deal.

But that will give me errors like these:

Is there a nice way to do this?


There is a setting for Allow zero-priced Orders in Manage > Tickets > Ticket Types > [Ticket]

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Not related, just want to say I like how you have added icons for the menu buttons, looks good :slight_smile:

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Yea loved the icons too … I believe @QMcKay answered the issue too.

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Thanks !

And Thanks :slight_smile: