Alternative to Automatic Backup end of Day?

Hi everybody,

I am using SambaPos since 2017 and last week i changed my software from windows 7 to windows 10, at the same time i instaled the last version of SambaPos.

After daily Licence issues, i turned off the automatic backup at the end of the day and seem solved the problem.

Now i`m looking for an alternative ?

Some experience or idea to share ?


The backup options in sambapos works great. I have many locations using it. One question though did you have the license management option turned off in the backup settings?

Another way is with mssms(Microsoft sql server management studio) and scheduling them through it.

you can use this method

IIRC SQL Server Agent doesn’t come with SQL Express.

Another way would be to create a batch file to execute the backup via sqlcmd and use task scheduler.

Hi and thanks all for your answers.

so i turned off the licence management option and turned on the automatic backup and seem its working without the licence issues. So thanks a lot for the tip.

I will check closely on the next day to be sure there`s no problem.