Alterring recoRDS from database. selective reporting

i am owner of a fast food cafe.i have recently started using this software.
i just wanna know if any how, i can decrease the sales done in a day ?
the original sale may be stored ( better), or it may vanish completely. it should be done only by me not the cashiers or managers. if this question is previously asked then pls give me the link.
I think above function can be achieved by deleting some paid bills at the end of the day. Then take reports of the alterred sale which is less than original. Alternatively it can be done, by directly deleting the records from database where sales is stored. But it would be useful if it can be done from frontend. If its possible in earlier versions then pls suggest… Regards mady.

Why would you want to delete sales you have done? I can only think it is because you want to falsify your sales data. If that is the reason you wont get any help from the forum in doing that

If thats not the reason i apologise, but you will need to give us more info about what you want to do and why so we can find a solution

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LOL my first thought too :slight_smile:
Does make me chuckle the reason people try to explain when they clearly really want ‘tax relief’
Its not the question that winds me up its the thought that you wont understand what they are actually wanting to do when there is no real legitimate reason for such a request that a refund wouldn’t be suitable for LOL
Sorry also though if that is not the reason.

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@ everyone
i think my request has been mis-interpreted, its nothing related to ‘tax relief’ as such. those who want to do they have thousand ways.
lets get into details of what i really want to achieve.
we have a sweet shop cum fast food restaurant. the sweet shop has a take away type structure. customers come and ask the salesman to pack certain sweets. the salesman packs and takes the package to cashier where he makes a ‘settled’ bill. this bill is presented to the customer who pays the bill, picks his bag n departs.
this was the mode of operation, since long time my father has been doing this manually, using a electronic cash register. now when we thought of automation, and using POS for management. we are getting some problems in management of records. consider a scenario as under…
suppose a VIP walks in , may be the superintendent of police or the son of mayor or head of traders association, the cashier dont recognize him, as usual presents him a settled bill with no discounts. the VIP says you dont know me, “go n get bill corrected by owner, tell him that i have arrived”. now cashier sends bill to me. knowing the VIP’s status i convey to cashier, to make discounts (or to completely take no money, in some cases).
now my question is , how to handle such situation? because there is no any button to “alter settled bills”. similar is the case with my relatives who are unrecognised by cashier and then ’ after settlement’ of settled bill is needed. in small towns such cases are practical and occurs regularly . my father used to tell cashier to write these as ‘extra expenses’ under his name , mentioning the bill no. and amount discounted . the reports at night shows more sale but lesser cash. POS should handle such situation. so that at closing time we see these tickets and do necessary modifications. many other cases require such after settlement. for eg. during festivals and peak hours, the cashiers often make wrong bills and realize it when the print is taken. they need to make new bill . a lot of such instances are there, where we need such ‘after amendments’ and its too very practical in small towns. if its possible to have this implemented it will be useful. regards mady

Why not just dont settle the bill until customer cnes to pay as intended with pos systems?

Customer selects sweets goes to cashier, cashier enters pirchase in pos, discounts applied if needed then customer pays and ticket settled

Only other way is to get the extra ticket options from samba market place, this includes an action to reopen settled ticket, so you could then open a settled ticket and change it

the system of transaction can not be changed unfortunately. consider a scenario, if suppose a customer comes to cashier an orders 1 kg of a particular sweet, then bill is made with discounts and he takes bill to salesman , by chance that particular sweet is only 900 gms left in showroom, or is demanded by other customer simultaneously then it would be a havoc. restaurants can implement this structure because the eatables are manufactured ‘on order’ of customer. but sweets are made once or twice for whole day and cant be quickly replenished or manufactured at the same moment when customer asks for it. some sweets take hours 1 or 2 or some take whole day to be manufactured. hence no prepaid only postpaid. :sweat:
now for the other way to reopen settled ticket and change it, how its done?

Hi @MADY I see you just joined the forum 1 day ago and asking for something whats not possible.
Not sure in which country you live but giving a “GIFT” is also something we have here in Vietnam so we just book it as a GIFT and we keep our stock in order, and it will not come as income.
I agree that sales data can not be deleted, there are many other options possible in SambaPOS
SambaPOS has the option to first print the bill, and only once the cash is in the hand the cashier push the Settle Button.
In this case an option would be to teaching your staff how to handle the system instead of asking whats not possible.
All the info you need you can find on this forum, and the community is helpful to help you out.


thanks for all your help members. however, in future if anyone can help us out regarding this, are welcome. if someone finds the situation similar to us, should indulge in this discussion. thanks n regards mady

Why would you settle the bill before the customer has paid?!?
Use print bill to give a ‘Proforma’ just like at a restaurant, they give the money, then you settle the bill.
If they question the ‘prebill’ the ticket is still open and changes easily made.


In your example of VIP customers, there are many ways to automate this process, using ‘member’ cards for example, - you could send you VIPs an exclusive discount/VIP card accosiated with a customer entity with a discount field.

Still don’t understand whats so unique about your workflow.

Customer asks for sweets,
rang in, prebill given, customer questions bill, bill amended, new prebill given, bill paid
no stock, order canceled
not enough in stock, order canceled or discounted to equivalent price for weight.

I must be missing something…


No respectable POS system would allow this by default, its not good practice, what stops you manager altering settled bills and taking the Cash???
Also it raises tax questions as mentioned before.

LOL, if using the prebill print this can be fixed before settle. :smile:

Gift the item for ZERO price or use DISCOUNT option to make a discount.


If you read the replied you have received you will see that you can do this;

These actions would allow you to do what your asking but may find that the offer of instructions how to use may be minimal for the reasons originally mentioned when you asked your question. :slight_smile:

PS. nothing I have read would not be amendable by using the refund option.

There is very little legitimate reason to require the ability to reopen a closed ticket, any proper accounting system would account for mistakes as an ADDITIONAL countering/inverse entry as apposed to EDITING THE MISTAKE (ie. REFUND)

Sorry for the long and probably confusing post, got a bit carried away.


I dont understand what prevents you from changing your “system of transaction” why cant a customer come in and say “can i have 900g of bon bons” you weigh out bon bons but you only have 500g left so you tell the customer you have 500g and ask if they still want them.

They either say no and choose something else so you process that transaction knowing you have the quantity they want then add any discount and take money and settle ticket

Or tbey say yes ill have the 500g left give you the money and settle ticket

In either scenario youve only settled correct transactions so you dont have processed tickets for transactions that didnt actually happen. You dont need to waste time trying to correct incorrect tickets but more importantly you providing a better service to the customer, theyre not ordering things for you to then say you dont have them

In V5 we now have access to inventory level so we can build this into an order added rule so if it is not in stock when that item is added to the ticket you can create an on screen message telling the cashier you dont have any and it wont be added to the ticket. This would stop you selling things you dont have so you dont need to change setyled tickets, theycan not be deleted once settled

Ive worked in retail for nearly 20yrs and what your trying to do to me seems backwards in the way pos works and how to deliver great service. But again i dont know if there is a physical reason why you cant change your operational flow to the ‘normal’ process of customer picks an item, take to til and pay and this would solve your issue

The community will help anyway we can and we will give you our opinions and advice for you to think about. Ultimately everyone does things there way but we will offer improvements and better ways of doing things and one suggestion in your case as settled tickets cannot be deleted is to change the way you process them and your flow and youll find samba to be a much powerful tool for your business

If you truely csnt change that flow then we will try to help you with other suggestions

I hope that helps you and gives you some ideas to think about


Search forum for reopen closed ticket and cancel payments. This might solve your issue.


tried the reopen closed tickets and cancel payments but it shows many void and gifts in reports. it should be atleast able to alter the amount without voids and gifts.

It only shows voids and gifts if you tell it too. So don’t tell it to do that. Take a look at your actions and rules that go along with your reopen and cancel payments etc. You can alter that State Flow to your needs.

You might want to study up on States and how they work.

Not that it up to me or that I’m judging you but if it is legitimate reason as you tried to explain above why does it matter that the voids do show on the report? there is a justifiable reason in theory (you had to correct a mistake), if you want to cancel a payment and hide the void it does suggest its more for the reasons originally suggested :stuck_out_tongue:

@JTRTech many people do this and many businesses need to do these type of things. While we will not and should not provide our time and resources into supporting it and the software never will build in these options, these people should learn how to do it through study of the software and how it works if its something that integral to their business. I mean typically you should know what your doing when you do these sort of things right?

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Exactly, I did try to explain that a respectable software would not have this as a defult options regardless of the excuse as is not something you can be seen to endorse.

I have had several people I have done setups ask about it and they always try and pretend there is another reason, if they were just honest (or at least didn’t treat me like i was stupid and couldn’t understand what they were really wanting to do) I would point them in the right direction to make their own solution :slight_smile:

For sure, if they had spend even minimal time following a couple of tutorials you should be able to do this type of thing as its not overly complex to achive - you don’t have to be a pro.