Amd processor A6 series


This week I’m looking for new computers to host sambapos. I fount a good price on

HP - Pavilion 23" Touch-Screen All-In-One Computer - AMD A6-Series - 8GB Memory

Will be alright an AMD A6 series?


There are a ton of threads throughout the forum of various users configurations and its fairly obvious after reading through and answering/helping interacting with the forum that its safe to say SambaPOS runs smoothly on virtually any decent modern system. Any current x86 system should handle SambaPOS just fine.

This opens it up to the fact that you can spend your time shopping for other features you may be more concerned with like, widescreen or not, type of touch screen, capacitive or not, its ability to be expanded and used for other things… etc

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This being said, I do not see it mentioned much but we really should have a hardware discussion category in the forum. There are a TON of possible configurations and things to look for when shopping for hardware. Things people may not know to even look for.


Type of touch screen can have a big impact in kitchens if its capacitive or not. It can even impact durability in high heat situations. Many situations resistive would be better choice since it is pressure based and you may often times touch the screen with Wet hands or greese etc that would impact it working on capacitive.

Type of routers and server setups, advantages with Racked servers vs desktop. Hardware to increase RDP throughput (YES IT MAKES DIFFERENCE)

Various other factors.

I’m going to use RDP, about 2-3. 1server, one terminal. I’m more concerned about server. I don’t want to have later surprises.

Terminal, server, printer will be cable connected on router with wireless capability.

Btw… I was thinking to have screens, just screens with the orders, connected on raspberry pi

Just more details… I’m gonna activate web server, I’ll use Ajax and php (bootstrap framework) to read the orders from database. I’ll activate hotkeys to navigate and delete them from screen.

My chef will love it :slight_smile:

IF you are using RDP as your main setup. I would recommend investing in Windows Server 2012. Windows Server editions are built to serve RDP functions. Technically you can do it with win 7 pro and win 8 pro but its a Hack and it violates License agreements. Server edition also handles it a lot more efficiently so performance could be more reliable and faster.

You can build a kitchen screen in SambaPOS without having to do that and you can use a thin client connected with RDP to drive it. Some of them cost very close to Rasberry Pi

Using Samba to build it you can integrate functions that work with the screens like notifications to waiters that order is ready etc.

That’s even better. Can you give me a link?

Seriously… It’s the best pos ever… within next 10 years It would be a market standard

Look up kitchen displays in documentation… You can also see a fully built one in Prebuilt Databases both my database and the one Johns submitted have kitchen displays.

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I really want to dine at your restaurant :slight_smile:

I’m confused with win2012 license. If I use one processor I7 with 8 cores does it count for 8 processors at Microsoft’s license?

Also, is the essential edition enough to run sambapos?

No it does not mean that. Yes it would.