Amount doesn t add up when settle

hi to all,
it used to work perfectly, suddenly today the amount of the bill stays at 0.0 when i settle… anyone would have an idea why pls?

We’re going to need more information about this.

Perhaps you can share some screenshots of the ticket and then the settle screen to start.

ok sorry, here you go

as you can see, after selecting “all” the amount doen t add up and stays at “0.0”

Did you do something with currencies?

Hello @Mika,

You can try to resolve the case by applying below step;

Main Menu > Manage > Settings > Local Settings > General > Click on Override Windows Regional Settings box > Click on Save button > Shut SambaPOS down completely (Exit even from the PIN entering screen) and restart the SambaPOS.

You can see the attached GIF file as reference.

Windows Regional Settings


ok that works now, thanks a lot!