Android client date format

Hi all
I have a weird problem with the android client.
The tablet is set up for UK with the UK time and date.
Tickets are printing with the correct date from all the windows epos sambapos clients but when an order is placed on the Android tablet using V2.0.54 the date on the resulting ticket is in US format.

Not a major issue but…
Any ideas ?

Check your date settings on the device? You can force a date format. Try{DATE:DD/MM/YYYY}

This issue is not related to Android mobile client, it is related to any tickets submitted via GraphQL via Message Server. The same happens with GloriaFood and also another integration I did. The only solution is as Jesse suggests is to explicitly specify the date format like {DATE:DD/MM/YYYY}.

I previously thought it may be related to the user account that message server runs under or even the LocalSystem / default locale settings on Windows, but it doesn’t appear to be. (in the cases I have seen, Message Server was set to run under an Administrator account and that account was set with to use UK format for dates and this still happened).

That makes sense, I checked all the settings multiple times and tickets submitted from sambapos on the SQL server were ok.
I’ve gone with Jesse,'s suggestion, so thanks to him. dd/MM/yyyy worked.

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