Android Mobile Client printer issue

Hi team,

Im triying to setup a new Android Mobile Client, so I have a problem with my printers… if I put a kitchen order, it works printing in my kitchen printer… so if I put a bar order, the bar printer doesn’t print the order…

All my system works fine with 1 server, 2 terminals and 3 printers… my issue is just with the new android client

Please check the attached images… I think that could be a problem with the client setup, into the option Ticket Printing (this option list all the automation commands…)


androidSettings androidPrintersList

Did you use USB printers ?

Show your print jobs.

One thing i had an issue with was shared printers, i got a server which had the message server installed on it.
The till had the bill printer and bar installed and it wasnt printing on them.

To resolve i had to put the printers on the same pc/server as the samba Message Server and that fixed it for me.

Take care in order to have the system working with the mobile client, you must use printers which are connected via network cable, NO windows printer sharing, usb, serial etc…

Im not sure if thats entierly true since the app is not directly printing to the printers, printing is handled by the server so make sure the database/message server hoting machine has the printers setup and working corectly, ideally locally on that machine.

Probably its the print flow. You need to show your rules for that print. More than likely the kitchen print rule is marking ticket state before the Bar print executes… but we are not sure because we cant see that.


This is not true. Mobile app will trigger the print jobs in the rule flow. Has nothing to do with printer type.

I took this as bar prints was working from other terminals, can you confirm @anjorive

That it has nothing to do with printer type is not correct. I only simplified my answer not do go too deep into details.
There are 2 scenarios:

  • If the printer is locally connected to the server and only to the server, it works.
  • If the printer is connected locally on another computer and this computer shares the printer via windows share it DOES NOT WORK. I tried this didn’t get it to work and got the it confirmed from @VehbiEmiroglu.

So my advice is with mobile client to use always ethernet printers for every printer in case you have multi terminal setup and multi printer setup, so it will be universal.

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yeap, 2 USB and 1 ethernet printer

Hi JTRTech, the bar printer works successfully from other terminals (POS)…so dont works from mobile client

Im using the kitchen display by Kendash and some custom rules, please check the import File (16.3 KB)

Installing that import file wont help us much with your specific case. It could be as @stanko mentioned if your using USB and the printer is not on the server but shared from another device it may not work.Maybe switch printers so the network printer is the Bar printer.

In the future do not expect people to install an import file. Provide screenshots instead. Most people will not wish to install someones random import file to possibly compromise their own setup.

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