Android Mobile Client

A client of mine has 2 bars, One indoor and the other is an outdoor bar. They have 8 Android tabs, 4 indoor and 4 outdoor. I want the 4 outdoor tablets to print to the the bar printer outside in the outdoor bar, the 4 indoor tabs are already printing to the indoor bar.
Please what i do to make this happen?

This will be done easily enough by setting terminal names on each device, either 4 inside and 4 outside or individually then in print job map terminals to corresponding printer.

Please can you be very clear. Am not getting what you are saying.

I think there is some confusion here. JTR I think he is using the Android MObile client not an rdp tablet.

You control which print automation is used via the apps settings.

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Thanks Jesse. But can you kindly explain this setup step by step. Need to finalize a setup am doing. Thanks.

Login to mobile client setting and choose the print job rule. So in other words create a new rule for each printer or terminal.