Android table order not syncing to desktop properly

I recently got POS5 and updated the android apk on my Tablet. Taking the system to my bar to train the waitresses, some orders placed on the tablet didn’t show up on the desktop. I assumed it wasn’t a problem till the following day when they were to start using the new SAMBA system. The cashier noticed he couldn’t stay a new work period because there were some open tables. We checked desktop and found none. Eventually saw some on mobile (the ones from the previous day that didn’t show up on desktop though apparently desktop could ‘read’ them).

No, we have no way to delete/void it because it doesn’t show on desktop but desktop identifies the table as open. So right now we can’t use SAMBA. How do I delete these open tables from mobile so I can create new work period and begin to use SAMBA

Can you not find them in the ticket Lister on main menu? Changing date to yesterday and drop-down to open tickets?
At a guess I’d say tablet is maybe using different entity type to till or something like that but hard to give any solid suggestions with info provided.

The 2 tablets used to sync perfectly with the desktop until it abruptly didn’t so I assume everything was configured properly. Right now, if I place an order on the desktop, it shows on the tablet but if I place it on the tablet, the desktop can’t view it. This I find confusing because I can not close a work group with open tickets I can’t see on the desktop.

I hope this makes more sense

Maybe check time is synced on all devices just encase.
Check message server settings all round.
Haven’t spent allot of time on the app so not overly knolagable of it.

There is no way they can be submitted on tablet but not desktop. The desktop has the database the android app does not. So sounds like you may have states messed up in desktop or entity screen is not refreshing due to a configuration mistake.


Did you update SambaPOS5 ?
I dont understand that. If you update please give more information abour updating process.

Error turned out to be an open ticket created on the tablet not showing on POS but i was able to manually delete it from “Ticket”.

Thank you all for the assist