Android tablet version

Is it possible to run on an android tablet without rdp?

There is an android app but it’s not full samba it’s order taking only…

Where can we get Android App? Do we need to buy mobile licence? Please,Let me know.

Yes, the app needs you to be running SQL Express database and have mobile licence per device.

Thank you so much.
Now, i want to use One PC as a Cashier/Server and three Android Tablets(Samsung). Could you suggest me which package i have to buy?

You would need to buy a single SambaPOS v5 license from a certified reseller and 3 mobile app licenses. Remember the mobile app is for order taking only it will not give you full sambapos functions. You would need to install the system on SQL Express running as a service.

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Ive emailed the UK reseller and never had a reply

Im also not prepared to pay his retail of approx £1200 when you advertised it for 99

I am not part of SambaPOS i am just a user like you but I have committed lots of time to this community. I can tell you that they are not advertising $99 anymore that has obviously changed and it is now up to the resellers. Perhaps you should try contacting a different reseller.

There are several UK resellers that frequent this forum. I wouldnt expect to get it for $99 anymore.

Its likely his price includes hardware as well.

If your refering to my email I said 120, Not 1200!

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Can you quote licenses costs for

Backoffice PC running sql express
Pos station license running windows 8 for cashier
3x andriod tablets licenses for order taking


The android mobile license is $75 and it’s purchased through the sambapos website the only license you buy through reseller is the v5pro license. You would only need a single v5 license and 3 mobile so if he quoted you 120 then your total would be 345.00, 120 to reseller rest to sambapos market

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Can this app mobile recorder work on android tablet version ?

I think you are in wrong forum. This is for restaurant pos not spying apps.

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I would like to purchase SambaPOS v5 with 6 Android tablets licenses, guide me on how to get these and the costs. You can email the details to my email

Hello Jared just navigate to and click the buy option. It will prompt you to create an account and then once created you can login and buy your licenses.

License price will be listed in the Store tab of your account. If you need setup assistance or hardware, etc please locate your local reseller and contact them.

When you buy yourself please remember it is a do it yourself product there is no included phone support or remote support. You can however take advantage of this forum.

PMed you, let me know if I could be any help.