[Ann] Best SambaPOS Features

Muti table/ custom entity screens is a big awesome feature. The fact you can setup custom buttons, tables, table layouts, reports and almost any function on that screen is amazing. Its like creating a seperate manage screen customized specifically for managing almost anything within the POS without having to ever leave the entity screen.


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Multi Currency Support right from Settle screen is another great feature SambaPOS has. Even the ability to swap currency type on the fly on the settle screen is amazing! The been able to integrate a life currency exchange update to ensure the currency value is always accurate is another great thing!


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Here is my 2 cents on the topic:

  1. I think biggest selling point at the moment is Metrik however, saying that its not fully functional but you have to pay yearly is not.

  2. Its very fresh looking and friendly interface is a massive bonus when showcasing to an end user. Most of the POS out there on the market look like they are from 90s or early 2000 which is a lot of grey boring buttons that open up more pages with more grey buttons that lead nowhere.

Tackling menus, sub menus, products, order tags and buttons is effortless.

  1. I-N-V-E-N-T-O-R-Y! All business owners want to know and keep track of their daily/weekly/monthly stock takes. It is really simple to setup and can be combined with Order tags to keep things dynamic especially for restaurants that have a lot of modifiers in their menus. However, some sort of red warning sign that you are low on some stock or a summary what needs to be ordered when manager logs in would be an excellent addition. (I havent really invested time in finding it on the forum)

  2. Custom reporting. Most of the end users dont really know or have zero experience scripting, programming or even making changes to POS systems. The fact you can create almost any kind of report that will suit their needs is amazing. Knowing your sales and your inventory makes your annual or bi annual menu changes a lot easier. And it doesnt stop there, knowing your numbers makes investment and upgrade decisions a lot easier.

An idea of having a visual report editor which all it requires is dragging down boxes of information would be interesting to see.

  1. Table orders via Smartphones is probably one of the best things out there. You can connect almost any Smartphone to SambaPOS. Instead of having to buy clunky outdated hardware for $$$$ that only integrates or works on your POS setup + having to pay monthly maintenance for it.

  2. Print templates and orders. Having full access and ability to send templates and orders all around your business is an outstanding way to organise your staff and departments.

  3. Entity screens. Being able to edit your order numbers, table layouts, ticket screens, reservations, customers and other screens makes thing very versatile.

  4. Having a question and someone having an answer or a solution on the forums. Community is outstanding.

  5. Low cost - its always makes end users pay attention. Owning the license for SambaPOS V5 instead of paying it monthly + being able to have one license on as many terminals as you want.

  6. Customer displays with advertising and kitchen displays.

— I know its not part of the original topic but I would really like to see:

  • More tutorials/solutions on CC integrations.

  • Since more and more countries are making an effort in creating centralized tax servers it would be nice to see some sort of API or an extension which would make syncing transactions with those servers easier. I recently started working on one solution and will gladly share some insight and scripts once its finished or make progress.


Another major asset is that development team is directly active on the community there by listening to feedback and requests made by the community. For eg lately people have been making requests and finding bugs and they have been fixed or addressed with latest updates,

  • Customization:
    • Automation
    • Entity Screens
  • GraphQL

I use RFID fobs for my loyalty scheme but the other day I tested using the fob to log in and it worked fine. Pretty sure I didn’t have to press the arrow/enter button either, it just logged straight in.

Most rfid and msr readers follow code entry with carriage return/enter.

All these devices are is an automated keyboard, you will most likely see them show in device manager as a HID similar to a keyboard would.

I can confirm that after scanning the fob the log in is automatic :+1: