Suggestions for improvement

Just another suggestion. I dont see a lot of mention about the knowledge base that is being accumulated. Also would like to see it being updated.

Might be worth having a mechanism to update the knowledgebase from time to time as we have newer versions being released.

I know the forum is a great resource. But I think keeping one resource point for refernce is always a good idea.

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Sambapos is Up to date software,
many new features each weeks or month and can be request.
Can be self development for integrated with sambapos api(graphql).

Need to improve:

  1. Reservation management
  2. Easy setting promotion
  3. Because many point of sales hardware use celeron spec at market, need to light sambapos. If use high spec hardware usually include with it software and expensive.

I think you guys are missing what he asked. He’s not asking for list of things that needs improvements. That’s s different thread.

@Johan_yo I use sambapos daily on celeron and atom systems it’s very fast. Not sure what you meant by that.

Celeron is a pretty board reference, I think my first laptop had a Celeron and pretty sure some machines now still have a Celeron type processor. It’s almost as vaigue as saying it’s an AMD or Intel lol

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